A site visit and consultation is a free service provided for all clients, no matter how small or large the project may be.

Meeting the client and discussing their aspirations is of the utmost importance and there is no better place to do this than the site in question.

During this consultation, the basis of a brief will be developed, exploring recommendations for how your vision can be achieved within budget.



If the project is an extension or altertaion to an existing building, then a measured survey will need to be undertaken. 


The building will be surveyed and then digitally drawn in plan and elevation using the latest technology to guarantee accuracy. This information can be provided in PDF or DWG format depending on the client's requirements.


During this process, a deeper understanding of the building will be gained, helping to inform design concepts and construction detail that will respect the building.


Throughout the design process, the brief will be continually refined to ensure that all of your requirements and aspirations are achieved, providing you with the optimum solution for your project. 

During the initial design phase, a variety of concepts can be explored and developed, providing options which can be tailored to your wants and needs. 

Affordability is always considered, ensuring the best outcome within the budget.



Producing a robust planning application is an essential part of the process in order for the concept to become a reality.  Each project will be individually assessed in order to submit a proffessional and informative application, catering to the site's specific needs.  

An in depth knowledge of planning requirements will be implemented into each individual project. This service has provided a 100% success rate for all clients to date.



At this stage of your project, the detailed construction will be designed and specified, providing a breakdown of materials and construction methods that ensure all proposed work is in accordance with current Building Regulations.

Once this information is translated into a set of detailed drawings, an application can then be made to the Building Control Department at the local authority for their approval.

During this part of the process, recommendations for structural engineers can be made, organising quotations and appointments.



It can be difficult to understand concept and detailed design proposals, therefore artistic impressions or 3D CAD modelling can be provided to help you visualise the project and inform your valued ideas and input. 

Simple extertior visuals can be created which allow you to envisage the proposed form, however interior views representing specified interior finishes and fixtures can also be provided.




The importance of a building's interior is equal to it's external appearance. The internal detailing and design can make any project unique and provides opportunity to harmoise the practicality of space with bespoke and beautiful design.


Proceeding into the build phase may seem an overwhelming part of a project, however by tendering to suitable local contractors, you can be reassured that the right building firm is appointed to carry out the works on site in accordance with the budget.

Throughout this phase, regular site visits and progress meetings will be undertaken to ensure that any problems that may arise are resolved with efficiency. This service is highly recommended in order to facilitate a quality assurance process until completion.